Friday, March 27, 2009

A Dream.

A speck of light. Trapped in a box and sealed with a promise.
Carefully placed and hidden in the depths of my soul.

Locked away with fear.with hope.with a promise.

An annoyance. Irrational doing. Temper tantrums.

Salvation. A place to run to.

A word. A sentence. A conversation.
The catalyst.

Eruption of memories. A small piece of happiness.

My fear. My faith. My hope. My wish.

Letting go of the chains. Letting go of the lock.

Once again, I've found my speck of light.

With hope. With faith. With fear. In destiny.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Details of the Little Life.

The little things.
The little things are important.
The little things are what makes a difference.
The little things are what you cherish at the end.

Imagine if you only look forward to the big things.
What would you do in the time between?
Imagine if you only think and look at the big things.

This is what my life looks like. This is my life in the big picture.
Sleep. Food. New Project. Books. TV. Deadlines. Socializing.

Now, this is what my life looks like with the little things.

Waking up to the gentle morning breeze.
A problem with the "c" on my keyboard.
Warm Earl Grey tea....oooooh!
Stealing my sister's choc chip cookie.
The psychotic TV plot.
Craving for a taste of the passion fruit margarita.
Sniffing my pillow.

It's the little things that makes up the "life" in living.
My life is not big but I enjoy the little things. The little things are what makes my life BIG.

*Crunch*, Back to finishing those cookies before my sister wakes up!