Thursday, January 29, 2009

You are what you eat...Literally!

This blog entry is "N-Rated" (nasty).
May contain very strong smell or offensive content, strong explicit description, very strong gore or disturbing images, or graphical fruit abuse.

So I ran to the bathroom this morning to do a #2. While I was in my comfort zone and finally had some peace to my digestive system, I was suddenly wondering if my aunt got a new brand of air refreshener. Imagine if you were used to the surroundings of your own little corner and you take one whiff and knew something was wrong. My mind was racing all over the pace, my adrenalin russhing, my heart pounding.... "Did my aunt get an orange scented can of air refreshener?...Do they even have that in the market?" I took another whiff...definitely orange. My mind took a step back. Knowing my aunt, she was not the type to spontaneously experiment on a new brand of toiletries...or any product. Something was definitely wrong!!

Suddenly, it all dawned on me...the portion of oranges I had last night before going to bed...

This was not the making of my aunt's new air refreshener. It was my #2 releasing this orange fragrance. Thus you just found the rationale for why you nearly died in the potty after your large curry feast. If you want to drive away your enemy, eat some garlic/curry/heavy scented food and run to use the bathroom before them.

If you're feeling spotty and want to save up on air refreshener, just have some orange!

-much Love.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zip, Zapp...Pimples Be Gone!

After what seemed like forever, my miracle pimple medicine finally appeared on my table this morning to my joy and excitement. I was looking forward to today, I told my sister earlier on because my miracle worker has finally arrived from Hong Kong. Living 2 days without it has been a pain to my face and I don't think I can take anymore as the weather substantially got hotter after the lovely cool breeze during the last two weeks. But hot humid weather makes me sweat (like crazy), makes my face really oily and icky and breaks out easily especially when it's nearly that time of the month. So it was like Christmas morning when I found my Annasalbe Ace Cream all laid out for me (and it doesn't even have to be wrapped!)

This miracle pimple cream has been a part of my daily routine and it works wonders. It dries pimple without irritating the skin as most pimple medicine does with all the "acidic" ingredients. In addition to this cream, I also have the Benvoxyl Cream and Eryacne Gel at home (to use during different weather changes). The Benvoxyl Cream is not as dry as the Eryacne Gel (because it's a cream) on application but it tends to dry my face out more and makes it peel after using for a while. The Gel is good to use as a coating over the face especially on black/white head because it acts like a shield (well for me anyways). These two, however, cannot compare to the Annasalbe Ace Cream (Japanese Pimple medicine) because it does the job quicker with less irritation.

So this is how I incorporate it into my daily routine.
Morning Ritual:
  • Facial Wash: Acne Aid Gentle Cleanser
  • Exfoliator: (when needed) Everish Facial Exfoliator
  • Toner: L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Toner
  • Eye Cream: Lancome Renergie Morpholift Eye Cream
  • Pimple Medication: Annasalbe Ace Cream
  • Moisturizer: Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Car
  • (Apply make-up if I have to go out)

Night Time Ritual:

  • Make-Up Remover: Vichy Normaderm Gentle Cleansing Gel &
  • Eye/Lip Makeup Remover: L'oreal Waterproof Makeup Remover
  • Facial Wash: Acne Aid Gentle Cleanser
  • Exfoliator: (if needed) Everish Facial Exfoliator
  • Toner: L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Toner
  • Eye Cream: Lancome Renergie Morpholift Eye Cream
  • Pimple Medication: Annasalbe Ace Cream
  • Moisturizer: Vichy Normaderm Nuit
  • Extra Pimple Medication: (in hot humid weather): EryAcne Gel

It seems like a lot of products but I did try to go with the minimum before but my face would end up in really bad shape. I have acne prone skin, it breaks out in every occasion in addition to the scarring and uneven color patches on my skin due to the acne.

I've started taking a sachet of "Marine Collagen Powder" everyday mixed with my fruit juice to enhance the natural collagen production for my scars. It's been around 20 days so I will see the end result in a week or so. To help with my skin condition, I've been on the pill for nearly two months now and I can clearly see that it has help with my breakouts. I don't get as much breakout on a daily basis anymore and it helps with the breakouts I get before that time of the month. Another vitamin supplement I started taking at the same time as the collagen is Detox Natural Supplement from Boots to help detoxify my liver (from overpartying in Dec.)

Well, hopefully The DQ will be spotless this year.

-much Love.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Asians are Smarter in Math..

You know the saying. We've all heard it before. Yet somehow, we easily accept it enough to "factize" it( thoughwe don't know for certain ).

It goes along the lines of: "Asians are naturally smarter in math..."

But WHY? Is it because of our superior math-comprehension enhanced genes? Does it have anything to do with Asian food supposedly deemed "healthier" ? If Math Geniuses are accosted to Asian heredity and healthy nutrition consumption and for the fact that I am an Asian and my family are pro-healthy home cooked meals, then why does it seem like I always stumble when it comes to all things math-related ? Be it my pre-calc class in high school, calculculas/finance/economics/accounting classes in university or something as easy as splitting the bill mentally or controlling my shopping expenses! (Well, the latter might be due to my consumption behavior but still.... )

The answer to this is that it's not about our genes (though partially it helps if you don't have any mental illnesses) or the food we eat but more about the fundamental principals of having the right kind of support, opportunity, environment and timing. You can learn all about it in this awesome book in circulation: "Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell, the famous author of other as-fascinating books I have at home such as "The Tipping Point" and "Blink". Special thanks to C.N. for introducing me to "The Tipping Point" that fed my curiosity to continue reading the other books.

Unlike "The Tipping Point" which focused on explaining the epidemic cycle (such as fashion, lifestyle fads, epidemic diseases) and "Blink" on the subconscious human mind and facial and body language, "Outliers" gives us a fascinating outlook on why some people get more ahead in life than others and reasoning on the underlying circumstances on certain stereotypes, such as why Asians are smarter in math. All three books give us very exciting and insightful case studies that captures and entrap us into the curious world of Malcolm Gladwell.

For now, The DQ is signing off because she has spotted the best excuse for that D+ in Calculas and it has nothing to do with her being dumber than the other Asians in class.

-much Love.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Surviving the Game of Luck!

Happy Chinese New Year! Tradition be it that every New Year will come the process of fengshui and horoscope reading to smoothen out the journey towards the year to come. Lots of reading material and astrology/horoscope professors are out to foresee and luck or obstacles that will come along the way with ways to help you lessen the problems you might face. How will you take control of YOUR life? Joyous traditions are carried out with ancestral worshipping and celebratory meals but my favorite part of this festive season is the collection of the red pocket envelopes with hopefully, a large sum of money.Now who wouldn't be happy with a little more cash in their wallet? And what better way to spend it than with your favorite game?

Seems like the interest of gambling has taken over this city with the spread of Royal Flushes & Full Houses found in various forms, be it a game of online Poker or organized Poker gatherings at the beach. Definitely a quick way to make some money with enjoyable companions for the weekend.

Is Poker a game for the brainiac or do you just need Lady Luck on your side? I'll let you make the decision but it seems like The DQ has to study this rulebook properly before joining to jump into any game of luck.

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! Wishing you all the best of luck from The DQ in all aspects of life: love, work, family, health career....and to others, money!

-much Love.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The DQ: Prologue

Have you ever wonder why some trends stay while others vanished completely off the face of the earth? As they say in Project Runway, " In Fashion, One day you're in, the next you're out." This applies to other things in life such as politics, food, technology,music, makeup/hair styles and the list goes on and on...

The DQ believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; therefore, what might be beautiful in one setting to one person might not for somebody else. But who's to say what is or is not? Life is all about experimenting and experimenting with life is what I'm aiming for.

This blog is not about any particular topic, not only fashion, not only music, not only's about EVERYTHING. Who's to say a person is only made up of one aspect? So in one short sentence: What is interesting enough to catch the eyes/nose/mouth of The DQ? okay, erm..that sounds a bit weird but you get the gist..=)... Let's see how this goes and I hope eventually this little project of mines will fall into place...

-much Love.

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