Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good night. Sleep tight.

Tired from over-socializing.
Small conversations over alcohol.
Music blaring in the background.
Entertainment tonight.

My mind's been busy.
I try to keep it that way.
Places to go, people to meet, buzzing in the brain.
To keep it from overthinking.

But now I'm worn out from the constant activities.
My brain's shut down.
Now I need to tend to my weary body.
Give it a good rest.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If I only lack a heart..

I've started on a new journey, the reflection of a new me.
I've learn to laugh and learn that I can be happy.
My new activities, social circle, a new me who moved on.
Not a single thought of you, not a single concern, not a single worry or doubt.
No excitement that I've had with you but at the same time no tears.
I'm a much happier me.
You were out of the picture.

A blinking window of conversation from the unknown.
From an email address I've deleted but can still remember by heart.
A " :)"

Memories, both good and bad flooding back into my memory.

Why is it that every little thing you do move every thought and ignite every memory in me?

Waiting for the day. The day when your spontaneous "hellos" won't affect me so.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You only feel old when you think you're old...

or when your body sends you a sign.

And so I thought I was god. Or rather I thought I was somewhat in an immortal state these past few weekends full of late night adventures pouring into my system the dangerous dark brown liquids and dancing the night away like I'll never dance again.

I've been constantly ignoring the signs sent out from my body, the weariness at work and constant lack of focus in what I do. My braincells or rather the lack of.

This Tuesday, my body just shut down. I woke up with a fire blazing in my throat and the continuous throbbing in my bed. I couldn't get up so I had to take leave. Downed myself with all medicine I could find (for sorethroat, fever, headache- u name it, i took it) and fell onto my deathbed like Sleeping Beauty, only waking up twice for lunch and dinner and to gobble up some more medicine.

The wonders of modern science!!! (or was it the Chinese tablets that worked?- I'll never know) The sore throat was gone the next day and I could head back to work. Only think left was the drowsiness from over medicating myself. (If I wasn't so stupid, I'd be a doctor this life - seriously...)

So anyways, I don't know if presently my body is still drowsy from all these med intake or is it just tired from over partying on the weekends. I guess I'll have to find out tomorrow night! Toodle-loo...

Monday, August 10, 2009

A step back, a thought clearer.

Head filled with fantasies of ravaged sheets and words of seduction.

Trying to master the art of falsies.

Forced to let go of music for it's time to listen to the sounds of the world.

Fingers switching from them blood reds to frosty pinks.

Wearing my newly acquired Havaianas to work- seriously.

Retro Tech. N- 7210 Super Nova with hidden cute pink stars inside. (it’s true!)

Carefree. Goth star. Lolita in the making. Silhouette of temptation.

The clouds are forming. The sky is darkening.

Pace yourself, dear, for yet another season of change.

Try to keep up with The DQ.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Sartorialist: On my bookshelf...

Finally,it's OUT!!! The moment all die-hard fashionistas are waiting for.

The Sartorialist's first book is OUT!

You can pre-order the hard cover on Amazon!!!

I'm so excited!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Apples Be Gone!

Gone are the days of apple, Secret remedy to staying healthy is an activity of another kind!


Lady Gaga to the Great Nat King Cole.
Malcolm Gladwell to Cecelia Ahern.
Gucci to JJ.
Maguro to Spicy Papaya Salad.
Sailing to singing.
Hoegaarden to Moet.
Modern chic to Gothic lolita.
Long & wavey to slanted straight bob.
Bitchiness to virtue.
Socialite to Reflection.
All me.

Diverse background with various interest.
Interested in a lot of things.
Able to pull many off.

I just have to keep remembering that I'm capable of all this.
I have to remind myself: If I am capable of being all of this, I am capable of being happy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Loves...

Moffatts, Hanson, BoyzIIMen, Gil, Another Level, LFO, Kavana, Jessica Simpson, M2M, N'Sync, BSB, Joe, Aaron Carter, Westlife, A1, 5ive, Blue, Bewitched, BroSis ....

I love you all.

Thank you for giving me energy and this ridiculous grin I have on right now listening to you guys.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lesson of the Month: July



ทั้งอยากได้ อยากมี อยากเป็น ยิ่งอยากสุขก็จะยิ่งทุกข์

เพียงรู้จักพอ ความสุข ความสงบ จะเดินเข้ามาหาเราเอง

Desire is something that need to be ridden of,

the desire to want, the desire to have, the desire to be,

The desire to be happy will only lead to sorrow.
If we learn to be satisfied, happiness and peace will come to us.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Heat and Gowns, Gardens and Stilettos...

I came across photos of some wedding a the countryside, with garden of grass and little bits of flowers here and there... and the sad thing about it was this...

Everybody was still dressed to the nines in the heat.. with stilettos (see them get stuck in the dirt), tiny tube dresses and full tuxedos. Even the bride was in full bridal attire... but okay it's the bride.

It just pains me to see that despite the relax environment, the wedding didnt seem relax at all (well, in my opinion).

If I had a garden wedding, I'd want everybody to come in sundresses, a nice shirt/ slacks, something well-groomed but not so contricting in this heat. Wedges would be nice (note: never wear stilettos for a garden, wedges will do)

If I was the bride, I would look for a nice ivory poofy sundress (those of the lolita sort) and pair of white ribbon wedges, put my hair up in a nice wavey ponytail (if it's long) or short waves (if it's short), pair of pearl earrings. ..

Well, that'd be my idea of a garden wedding... Let's not forget the other 5 types I'd like..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anything I'm Not


Gimme a break , A little escape
I am so tired of being me
I wanna be free
I wanna be new and different
Anything I'm not, I'm not...

I will never be, I will never be you
No, I will always be, I will always be me
That I know but oh
Even though I'm happy being me
I want to get away from all this harsh reality

Saturday, June 20, 2009

When the magic is over...

Cinderella Hour- Good Tipsy. Happy. Hyper. DQ (Dancing Queen). Fun.

Clubbing past Cinderella hour- Drunk. Pissed Off. Emotional Wreck. Major DQ (Drama Queen). Violent. Do things I should not do. Not so fun.

I will stick to leaving the party at midnight like my other Cinderella friend. After the hour of magic has broken and reality sets in, my glass slipper and ball gown turns into rags and slippers.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have a lump in my throat, a knot in my stomach. Not the good kind...
But it will go away. I have to make it.

music makes everything better.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Let the Music Heal Your Soul...

I've gone completely ballistic this time, skipping around in my own kingdom of clouds and floating along the yellow brick road of insanity. Which is a good thing. I think.

Better than drowning in my pothole of depression and wallowing in sad music.

Not that I stopped listening to sad songs but I think my focus this time is on the tunes rather than the lyrics itself.

This is random but when I wrote down the title, it reminded me of the song and somehow in the blink of an eye, remembered the unforgotten Gil. Gil was soooooo cute then. (if you all remember who Gil was, my sister was a big fan and was totally in lurve with him back in the days. I think I had a major crush on Aaron Carter and he was like 20 years younger than me or something. Talk about being paedophilic. But I swooned over his cuteness over "I've got a crush on you..." even when he couldn't really sing)

So Music & Me is good this time. I've been feeling giddy, bubbly, and totally floating on air this coming week. You know the feeling when you know something exciting is about to happen? Or when you have that little knot in your stomach (good knot) when you have a major crush on someone? Except this time I think I might be crushing on myself. Major weird.

I've been thinking of reconstructing an exercise regime for me which I must (must, must,must) try to follow (or start in the first place).

Maybe it's the P.B. I've had last night or the Chianti I've been stocking up on but I soooo lurve this state I'm in right now because I'm just so excited and optimistic about life lately when I don't think much is happening. And most of all, the reason for this does not include any Y chromosome...

Music does do wonders for the soul..... I think I should try joining BCT [Bangkok Community Theatre] (one of the things I've always wanted to do but never dared) and let all all this energy find an outlet of its own... or maybe I could just continue bellowing in the evenings in front of my laptop forcing my only audience (my sister who sits around the corner and has no way to avoid hearing me) the privilege to enjoy my solo performances night after night......

Signing out,
The DQ [in the clouds]

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finding Strength in Weakness..

I've been sad, disappointed, happy, angry, eluded for the last few weeks.
Right now I'm at a point in my life where I'm standing at a crossroad,
To forgive?
Or try to forget?

I've been blinded by my own creation of a fantasy world partially contributed to his gentlemanly acts in the one year I've known him which I've never experienced before.

The majority of the time, I was consumed by confusion, sadness, paranoia, fear and disappointment.

Confused by his intentions, Sad from being let down , Paranoid that there are others, Disappointed with myself and from my stupidity (or rather blindness).

Despite all these negative emotions I've been engulfed in, the small slice of moments I've had with him were ones of the happiest I've had.

How is it that the same person who gives you the joyous moment of your life is able to tear it down within seconds inflicting tears in your eyes and bringing you down on your knees.

Some things are better left unsaid, some memories better left untainted, some questions best left unanswered.

I'll try to keep the best memories I have of you and your greatest acts no matter how fake they might be been and despite the disrespect I've been given in the last few weeks.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hypocritical Society

Yesterday I came across this TV talk show having a discussion and call-in session about whether it is wrong for women to "jeeb" men first. Translation: Is it wrong for women to hit on men first?

The answers that came from the callers were absolutely disgusting.
It was a case of 5 Yes against 2 Nos.

Reasons that came up in all the 5 cases were that it was against the culture and tradition of Thailand and women should act lady like and not forget their Asian roots.

Oh Em Gee.... What are these people talking about?

In a society full of "gigs" and "gucks", people actually think or feel it's wrong or distasteful for women to hit on men first.

Gigs: More than friends, Less than a bf/gf.
Gucks: Friends you f*ck. (friends with benefits)

Hello? Are we still living the the 15th century?

The discussion should be more around the idea of whether it's wrong or not to be Gigs with somebody who is attached as it's so common and seen everywhere in Thai society. That is rather disturbing in a "traditional" culture where it's distasteful to make the first move on your man but it's not wrong to date/hang out/get close to somebody who is attached.

Some major re-education needs to be done.... I'm dazed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where's my green light?

For Boonie,

I was listening to the song Green Light in Bossa version by Estrella and despite the musical orgasm I received from the pleasant jazzy rendition of this song, I find the lyrics to be disturbingly slutty. Disturbingly slutty enough to be our personal motto for a while...
I can't comment on your blog but after I read your last entry, I felt like I've let go of a lot of things I wanted to do.. I don't know they fell along the way or if it's just because I'm lazy..but I'm going to find a way to get things back on track .

The case of the raging hormones....
Where's my green light?
I might be colorblind as I can only see major red lights and road blockage sprawled across in front of my eyes...

Green Light (originally by John Legend)

Give me the green light
Give me just one night
I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

I see you move, I'm checking your smile
Working your back like it's going out of style
Shake just a little bit faster
Shake just a little now girl
Dying to meet you, so let's mess around
I've got an obsession of us getting down
Come just a little bit closer
I just need permission so just...

Give me the green light
Give me just one night

I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

We can go all night
Give me the green light
I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

Oh 1,2,3....Green Light
If it's what it seems like,
Then we can get it moving baby
Cause we know it's gonna be right
I'm ready to go right now

Oh 1,2,3..Red Light
I wanna see what your bed's like.
But if I can be your buddy
Could you study and get your head right
I'm ready to go right now

Do I have a girlfriend... technically no.
If you'll be my girlfriend then I'll make it so
You'll be my only true lover
No competition, no others
Baby it's just the thrill of the chase
But I've got a feeling that I'm winning this race!
Baby I'm in much closer
I just need permission so...

Give me the green light...
Give me just one night.
I'm ready to go right now!
I'm ready to go right now

We can go all night
Give me the green light
I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

Oh 1,2,3....Green Light
If it's what it seems like,
Then we can get it moving baby
Cause we know it's gonna be right
I'm ready to go right now

Oh 1,2,3..Red Light
I wanna see what your bed's like.
But if I can be your buddy
Could you study and get your head right
I'm ready to go right now

I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

Monday, June 8, 2009

Game Over.

We played a game, you and I.
With my eyes blindfolded while you led me around.

The excitement of what I'll find in the dark,
The suspense of where I'll end up.

But now that the blindfold's gone,
I see the game we've been playing.

You led me around in circles,
With no destination in mind.

I'm going my own way,
Making my own path, going where my road takes me.

Game Over. You have to find someone else to play with.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Run

I’ve never felt this happy in a long time.
The air in my face, the breeze in my hair,
The smell of the ocean, the feeling of sand between my toes,
The pain in my throat, the heaviness in my thighs and legs,
Yet I can still run.

I’m out of breath but I love the feeling,
The feeling that I can still keep on running and it’ll take a while to stop me.
If my mind’s weary, if my body’s tired and wrapped in a cocoon of illness,
If my heart’s troubled but I can still keep on going.
I can keep going though everything else wants to hold me back.

I love the afternoon run on the beach.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lesson of the Month: อดทน…รู้จักรอ

ต้องรู้จักรอเสียบ้าง รอโอกาศ รอเวลา
อย่าลืมว่าอย่างไร ฝนก็ต้องมีวันหยุดตก

From my calendar teachings: June

A new lesson for me to learn....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


A woman has needs.

A woman has urges.

That she has to satisfy or it'll fill up in her troubled mind.

I forgot to buy my Godiva from HK. =(

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Ingrate.

Emotions left unsaid,
Tears forming on the brim of my eyes,
Trying my best to hold it in.
The anger,frustration, grudge all melted away in seconds.

Overwhelmed with nauseau,
My head about to explode,
The thought comes to my mind.
I'm such an ungrateful daughter.

For all the things she did,
I could only remember the bad,
Never the smiles, laughters, good times we've had.

Only point fingers for her faults, her flaws,her mistakes.
Blaming her for all she did to me.
The reason I turned out the way I did.

But aren't I the way I am because of her?
I'm strong, fearless, stubborn, persistent, ambitious, never take no crap from noone.

Full of fear, regrets, emotional, coldhearted all the same. A confused personality.
I love her but I hate her.
I want to forgive her but I can't forget enough to.

I'm the ungrateful daughter.
The daughter she should wish to never have.

Monday, April 27, 2009

One life...

If you have one life,

Would you live it to make others happy?

Or would you rather live to make yourself happy?

If you have one life,

Does it mean having only one heart?

If you have one life,

Would you love one with all your heart?

Or would you love as many as you can.

(Pass the love around, so they say.)

If you have one life,

Would you want to take life slowly and just relax?

Or would you plan something for every minute of your one life?

If you have one life,

Would you only want to experience happiness?

Would you also want to go through pain, sadness, anger?

If you have one life,

Well, I do have one life. No duh.

What am I brooding about?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tormented Moment of Silence

You told me you still care.
I told you I don't feel it.

You told me you still love me.
I told you I don't feel it.

You told me everything's still the same.
I told you it feels different.

When I drift away when we fight, you don't react.
You don't tell me how you feel.
You don't even show me our emotions.
You don't have any reaction at all.
Do you still care?
Or am I turning into something that is just here?

I start drifting away.
You don't do anything.
Where is the love you say you have for me?
Where is the care you say you still feel?
You don't do anything

I drift away.
And I still don't feel anything from you.

Do you love me enough to come after me?
Or will you just let me drift away silently.....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Owe You No More.

You've always wanted your own life,
You've always wanted your freedom
The regrets of your mistakes.
Haunts you today.
You don't know me.
You don't know us.

You've always wondered
About your other life
The chance to the life you want.
Without me,
Without us.

You've made your decision in the past,
You gambled on freedom,
Don't want any commitment.
You left me,
You left us.

And now the final straw
To end all attachments
Our recklessness
Our emotions , disrespect
All the excuses you can use
To cut the last string loose.

Birth certificates, Old photos.
Left in a bag on our doorstep.
The last proof of any attachment.
Snipped with a blade.
We're no longer connected.
I give you your life back.
I give you your freedom.

We owe you no more.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Dream.

A speck of light. Trapped in a box and sealed with a promise.
Carefully placed and hidden in the depths of my soul.

Locked away with fear.with hope.with a promise.

An annoyance. Irrational doing. Temper tantrums.

Salvation. A place to run to.

A word. A sentence. A conversation.
The catalyst.

Eruption of memories. A small piece of happiness.

My fear. My faith. My hope. My wish.

Letting go of the chains. Letting go of the lock.

Once again, I've found my speck of light.

With hope. With faith. With fear. In destiny.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Details of the Little Life.

The little things.
The little things are important.
The little things are what makes a difference.
The little things are what you cherish at the end.

Imagine if you only look forward to the big things.
What would you do in the time between?
Imagine if you only think and look at the big things.

This is what my life looks like. This is my life in the big picture.
Sleep. Food. New Project. Books. TV. Deadlines. Socializing.

Now, this is what my life looks like with the little things.

Waking up to the gentle morning breeze.
A problem with the "c" on my keyboard.
Warm Earl Grey tea....oooooh!
Stealing my sister's choc chip cookie.
The psychotic TV plot.
Craving for a taste of the passion fruit margarita.
Sniffing my pillow.

It's the little things that makes up the "life" in living.
My life is not big but I enjoy the little things. The little things are what makes my life BIG.

*Crunch*, Back to finishing those cookies before my sister wakes up!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I love my super skinny genes,
I feel so fabulous, tall and lean,
They go with everything I wear,
From Funky tees to crazy hair.

My skinny genes never let me down,
On days of laughter or of frowns,
The look I can wear from day to night,
Fantastic on me, they always look right.

But with skinny genes, people envy you,
They make other people sad and blue,
We still look smashing after snacking at one,
Compared to other people who have had none.

From instant noodles to curry rice,
Wake up the next morning still looking nice.
We're so lucky because special are we,
Because talk of fat or dieting, that's not for me.

Those skinny genes are the talk of the town,
Bigger hit than Gucci or the Vera Wang gown.
Only for special people, it's one of a kind,
And these skinny genes, they're uniquely mines.

How or where to get them, people are amazed,
They go on searching and (dieting) for days,
But these genes are made for the privileged ones,
Not only for me, but look around, they're tons.

You'll find them in your office or the department store,
All these awesome looking people you amazingly adore,
Lean, poised and graceful as figurines,
Possessing the figure you only did in your teens.

And then by golly you've figured it out,
"They've got the skinny genes!" you wanted to shout,
No matter what these people shove down their throat,
They always look so skinny, they never seem to bloat.

There's a group of fake skinnies, you see it in their face,
Their head to body ratio might have been misplaced.
Real skinnies don't have to watch what they eat.
They stuff themselves full at lunch; an hour later they can repeat!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ginger's Journey

Awesome animation movie courtesy of my sister.
Click here!

It's really funny, trust me!

much Love,
The DQ

Monday, February 16, 2009

All the Love on Valentine's!

Yep, you're right! The DQ has got it all! Imagine the perfect Valentine's day ever.
My man in a dashing suit taking you out to the most perfect candlelight dinner atop a five star hotel with the most breathtaking view ever. As dessert comes to an end sipping on our champagne, he kneels down and brings out a small velvet box. It could only be THAT.

THIS is the moment of my life. He opened his mouth to say something but somehow all the noises in the background was drowning him out and suddenly I was falling backwards into a black hole with no end. I keep falling and falling.

And I woke up like an idion flailing my farms in bed at 6pm this Valentine's day. Well, apparently that was where I spent the majority of my Valentine's Day so I do have to give credits to it. My comfortable bed covered with sweat when I was dying from a combination of food poisoning, gas, fever, headache and body ache. AND the constant runs between the bathroom to the bed to the kitchen and back to the bed. ( I should try out for the marathon!)

So my sweetie called to talk for a while because I just didn't have the energy to sit in front of the computer and that was lovely for about 30 mins and I started dozing off. I suddenly agreed with him that Valentine's Day is overrated. Well, he did first. His theory. Why do they have to make one official day just to proclaim you love somebody? Why can't you do that any other day? Or everyday even perhaps! Its just commercial because all of a sudden, they (the industry!!) decides to jack up the price of every product which leaves you the theory that goes along the lines of the degree of romanticism or how much money he lavished on you for the day/night is equivalent to his feelings for you? BOLLOCKS! What if he's just a poor lad with nothing to give to you but his heart and soul? Isn't that enough?

Well, I guess not in today's world. So anyways, I agreed with my man but I also did give him my point of view. What if other couple aren't like us; thus, they find it harder to express themselves on a daily basis. Long distance can seriously make you bolder and gives you the courage to open up, put trust in the relationship and express what you have to because that's how you keep your love alive and basically, it's hard to tell by their actions when you're not really there. For people who finds it hard to express their feelings, they are very thankful that there is a Valentine's day because they are then kind of forced to portray all these cheesy gestures (even if they secretly want to but don't have the balls for it/ Okay not everybody is as pro PDA as me.) Everybody's going to do something on this particular day anyways so I won't end up being the only cheesy Romeo. Another POV: For all those couples who are so busy with work that stopping to show some love becomes a tedious effort is just not a part of their routine, Valentine's day is a reminder for them to show their loves ones how appreciative they feel and just all those lovey dovey gushy feelings they have. So overrated, underrated, you rate it according to your own wants and needs.

I don't really need a Valentine's day because he gives me what I need already. Occasional suprises and presents when I least expected it and his LOVE every single day... (photos & details in another entry)

Because of this, to The DQ, everyday IS Valentine's Day!

Photo Credits:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, They Really Are.

Looking for the pefect present to get your girlfriend this Valentine's Day? Why not get her diamond ring? Every girl loves diamond but here's the twist.

Instead of giving her a "boring, traditional" diamond ring, why not give her one that she can also use as a self-defense weapon in times of trouble. This "Killer Engagement Ring" designed by Tobias Wong takes a play on the diamond ring and provided it with a cutting-edge concept (literally). That's right! The diamond is strategically placed with the point facing out on a sturdy platform transforming it into an auto-weapon. So on those dark nights, when your girlfriend has to travel home alone, she'll have protection because the diamond edge can cut into the bone and the bigger the stone is, the deeper it goes. So here's an idea for the perfect V-day gift to show that you constantly think about her safety. But beware boys, your gift might turn on you should she ever catch you spying on that girl sitting in the next table.

For the ladies, you might want to suggest the design of your ring when it comes into your engagement/marriage. He will definitely be surprised by your request and if he knows the "other" benefit of this sparkling jewel, he'll defnitely keep his belt on. Ask for one Karat or BIGGER because it wouldn't work with smaller stones.

-much Love & Sparkles from The DQ.

Photos and Reference from Gizmodo

I Want my Huge Lips, Skinny Hips...

Want to look gorgeous and at the same time, trim some of those fat around your waist and thighs? Well girls, here's the solution to our problem!

We introduce the Huge Lips, Skinny Hips Lip Plumper which will beautify and plump up those lips of yours (oh so Jolie) and help you curb your appetite at the same time. It's supposed to contain extracts of this suppressant that tricks your brain into thinking you already ate.

I don't know how effective it would be in helping to control your appetite. I believe the only way to stay healthy and in shape is to watch what you eat (healthy diet) and exercise. But I won't have to worry about that because I have a problem with gaining weight. Us girls could always do with another lipgloss with a cute and playful packaging. The appetite control would just be a plus. This lip plumper comes in six cute names and colors: Red Sole Worship, Kate Kitty, Poledancer, Lychee Martini, Love Your Thighs, No Panty Lines.

Read more about it here!

Spotted The DQ all Glossed up for V-Day!
-much Love.

Monday, February 9, 2009

pre-Valentine's Day jitters

i catch myself smiling like an idiot.
i think about how much i love you.
i think about your smile, the way you laugh when i try to tell a joke that's not very funny.
i think about the way you talk, your funny accent that nobody else possess, how it took me some time before i could train my ears but now you are all i hear.
i think about your laughter, the way they echo when i say those normal words you find to be so adorable and cute.
i think about your hair and how it'd be so messy with style.
i think about the way you'd pop your collar for photos and squint your eyes when you pose.
i think about your excitement when it comes to food and how every meal with you is an adventure.
i think about the way you dance and how entertaining it is to watch you.
i think about your scent and how i can recognize you a mile away.
i think about the way i hold out my hand and how you'd take it into yours.
i think about the way you look at me and sometimes feel like you could see into my soul.
i think about the way you hold me and how my body fits perfectly with yours.
i think about how much i miss you when you're not here.
i think about the first time i fell in love with you.
i think about how i fall in love all over again every time you're back.
i think about the next time you'll be back.
i think about how much you miss me when you're over there.
i think about how much you love me.
i catch myself smiling like an idiot.

Friday, February 6, 2009

For my ODP Donna.

When you're drowning in sorrow and eyes filled with tears,
When your heart realized that you've wasted your years,
He's been a bastard, you gave him your all,
They say love blinds the sight, you can't see his wall.
It's time for closure, time to make things end,
"What brought us to this? We can't even be friends."
Your time is up, he has nothing left for you,
All the damage he caused, pain he put you through.

You're like the sunshine, radiating your smile.
Full of hopes and dreams, your unique sense of style.
Then came his storm, tearing up your path,
Casting a shadow,igniting your wrath.
Destroyed all your rainbows, leaving a mess,
He's not worth a penny, not worth your stress,
He can't see your value, how lucky a man
He could be with you, not now that he can.

So my dear friend, my advice to you.
Make yourself happy with things you do.
Wipe your tears, enough is enough!
When the time is right, you can once again be tough!
Know the sadness and pain but don't let it run,
Move on to something new, you know that you're done.
You deserve to be happy, if only I could.
Beat the sh*t out of him, you know that I would.
Beautify yourself, relax and rewind.
Remember your life before him, once upon a time.

Biscuits,Fried Chicken, Pizza & Sweet Tea,
Walking down F.Street drunk, girl, just you and me.
The beautiful sky filled with stars that night,
Leaving Free Willy on the streets, oh what a sight!
Midnight shopping, dancing like mad,
ODP girls don't have time to be sad.
Annoying each other, two peas in a pod.
Debbie and Donna, two Chinky FOBs
From Chapel Hill, Boston, DC, NYC.
When I go DQ, you were always there for me.
I'll lend you my boney shoulder whenever you're sad,
Dig out a piece of old tissue, pls dont be mad.

Think of the good times, life before him.
Parties to parks, living life on a whim.
Turn round the clock, he has wasted your time.
Starting all over, it wouldn't be a crime.
Life wasn't so bad when it was us two.
You could conquer the world whatever youdo.
You make the world yours, do things your way.
Whatever his excuses, he doesn't get a say.
I love you my friend, I don't tell you much.
I haven't been too good with keeping in touch.
Just to let you know I'll always be here for you,
To lend you my shoulders, that I know is true.
The ODP Girls will always have a bond,
Through years of time,we will still remain strong.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jobs are like Men...

They're either never around when you want them OR when they're interested, they ALL are and appear at the same time.

That is my observation.
When you want a man (not that I need one because I have perfect boyfriend already), nobody's interested and you can never seem to find any around.Then all of a sudden, your life takes an unexpected turn and you won yourself the grand prize of specially bottled pheremone or something that you happen to spill on yourself. Men, out of nowhere,all decided to run to you seeking your love and attention. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Like they have a "competition radar" or something and know that you're "in demand" in the market and come flocking altogether. Then you have to choose in that short amount of time the best "fit" for you before your "demand" time ends and they all run back to their mothership. Why can't they come one at a time so you can test out the compatibility before deciding that it fits or that it doesn't and you need to move on to something that might fit better?

This seem like situation right now with my career life. I get stressed out when I'm forced to make a decision in a constricted time period hoping I won't have any regrets later. I guess like with you man, you have to do as much research as possible and pick one and if it's right, just jump into it and do your best. I hate the "in demand" season...

The DQ, Spotted with her head in the clouds...

-much Love.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

You are what you eat...Literally!

This blog entry is "N-Rated" (nasty).
May contain very strong smell or offensive content, strong explicit description, very strong gore or disturbing images, or graphical fruit abuse.

So I ran to the bathroom this morning to do a #2. While I was in my comfort zone and finally had some peace to my digestive system, I was suddenly wondering if my aunt got a new brand of air refreshener. Imagine if you were used to the surroundings of your own little corner and you take one whiff and knew something was wrong. My mind was racing all over the pace, my adrenalin russhing, my heart pounding.... "Did my aunt get an orange scented can of air refreshener?...Do they even have that in the market?" I took another whiff...definitely orange. My mind took a step back. Knowing my aunt, she was not the type to spontaneously experiment on a new brand of toiletries...or any product. Something was definitely wrong!!

Suddenly, it all dawned on me...the portion of oranges I had last night before going to bed...

This was not the making of my aunt's new air refreshener. It was my #2 releasing this orange fragrance. Thus you just found the rationale for why you nearly died in the potty after your large curry feast. If you want to drive away your enemy, eat some garlic/curry/heavy scented food and run to use the bathroom before them.

If you're feeling spotty and want to save up on air refreshener, just have some orange!

-much Love.

Images from Deviant Art user: oranjisama

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zip, Zapp...Pimples Be Gone!

After what seemed like forever, my miracle pimple medicine finally appeared on my table this morning to my joy and excitement. I was looking forward to today, I told my sister earlier on because my miracle worker has finally arrived from Hong Kong. Living 2 days without it has been a pain to my face and I don't think I can take anymore as the weather substantially got hotter after the lovely cool breeze during the last two weeks. But hot humid weather makes me sweat (like crazy), makes my face really oily and icky and breaks out easily especially when it's nearly that time of the month. So it was like Christmas morning when I found my Annasalbe Ace Cream all laid out for me (and it doesn't even have to be wrapped!)

This miracle pimple cream has been a part of my daily routine and it works wonders. It dries pimple without irritating the skin as most pimple medicine does with all the "acidic" ingredients. In addition to this cream, I also have the Benvoxyl Cream and Eryacne Gel at home (to use during different weather changes). The Benvoxyl Cream is not as dry as the Eryacne Gel (because it's a cream) on application but it tends to dry my face out more and makes it peel after using for a while. The Gel is good to use as a coating over the face especially on black/white head because it acts like a shield (well for me anyways). These two, however, cannot compare to the Annasalbe Ace Cream (Japanese Pimple medicine) because it does the job quicker with less irritation.

So this is how I incorporate it into my daily routine.
Morning Ritual:
  • Facial Wash: Acne Aid Gentle Cleanser
  • Exfoliator: (when needed) Everish Facial Exfoliator
  • Toner: L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Toner
  • Eye Cream: Lancome Renergie Morpholift Eye Cream
  • Pimple Medication: Annasalbe Ace Cream
  • Moisturizer: Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Car
  • (Apply make-up if I have to go out)

Night Time Ritual:

  • Make-Up Remover: Vichy Normaderm Gentle Cleansing Gel &
  • Eye/Lip Makeup Remover: L'oreal Waterproof Makeup Remover
  • Facial Wash: Acne Aid Gentle Cleanser
  • Exfoliator: (if needed) Everish Facial Exfoliator
  • Toner: L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Toner
  • Eye Cream: Lancome Renergie Morpholift Eye Cream
  • Pimple Medication: Annasalbe Ace Cream
  • Moisturizer: Vichy Normaderm Nuit
  • Extra Pimple Medication: (in hot humid weather): EryAcne Gel

It seems like a lot of products but I did try to go with the minimum before but my face would end up in really bad shape. I have acne prone skin, it breaks out in every occasion in addition to the scarring and uneven color patches on my skin due to the acne.

I've started taking a sachet of "Marine Collagen Powder" everyday mixed with my fruit juice to enhance the natural collagen production for my scars. It's been around 20 days so I will see the end result in a week or so. To help with my skin condition, I've been on the pill for nearly two months now and I can clearly see that it has help with my breakouts. I don't get as much breakout on a daily basis anymore and it helps with the breakouts I get before that time of the month. Another vitamin supplement I started taking at the same time as the collagen is Detox Natural Supplement from Boots to help detoxify my liver (from overpartying in Dec.)

Well, hopefully The DQ will be spotless this year.

-much Love.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Asians are Smarter in Math..

You know the saying. We've all heard it before. Yet somehow, we easily accept it enough to "factize" it( thoughwe don't know for certain ).

It goes along the lines of: "Asians are naturally smarter in math..."

But WHY? Is it because of our superior math-comprehension enhanced genes? Does it have anything to do with Asian food supposedly deemed "healthier" ? If Math Geniuses are accosted to Asian heredity and healthy nutrition consumption and for the fact that I am an Asian and my family are pro-healthy home cooked meals, then why does it seem like I always stumble when it comes to all things math-related ? Be it my pre-calc class in high school, calculculas/finance/economics/accounting classes in university or something as easy as splitting the bill mentally or controlling my shopping expenses! (Well, the latter might be due to my consumption behavior but still.... )

The answer to this is that it's not about our genes (though partially it helps if you don't have any mental illnesses) or the food we eat but more about the fundamental principals of having the right kind of support, opportunity, environment and timing. You can learn all about it in this awesome book in circulation: "Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell, the famous author of other as-fascinating books I have at home such as "The Tipping Point" and "Blink". Special thanks to C.N. for introducing me to "The Tipping Point" that fed my curiosity to continue reading the other books.

Unlike "The Tipping Point" which focused on explaining the epidemic cycle (such as fashion, lifestyle fads, epidemic diseases) and "Blink" on the subconscious human mind and facial and body language, "Outliers" gives us a fascinating outlook on why some people get more ahead in life than others and reasoning on the underlying circumstances on certain stereotypes, such as why Asians are smarter in math. All three books give us very exciting and insightful case studies that captures and entrap us into the curious world of Malcolm Gladwell.

For now, The DQ is signing off because she has spotted the best excuse for that D+ in Calculas and it has nothing to do with her being dumber than the other Asians in class.

-much Love.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Surviving the Game of Luck!

Happy Chinese New Year! Tradition be it that every New Year will come the process of fengshui and horoscope reading to smoothen out the journey towards the year to come. Lots of reading material and astrology/horoscope professors are out to foresee and luck or obstacles that will come along the way with ways to help you lessen the problems you might face. How will you take control of YOUR life? Joyous traditions are carried out with ancestral worshipping and celebratory meals but my favorite part of this festive season is the collection of the red pocket envelopes with hopefully, a large sum of money.Now who wouldn't be happy with a little more cash in their wallet? And what better way to spend it than with your favorite game?

Seems like the interest of gambling has taken over this city with the spread of Royal Flushes & Full Houses found in various forms, be it a game of online Poker or organized Poker gatherings at the beach. Definitely a quick way to make some money with enjoyable companions for the weekend.

Is Poker a game for the brainiac or do you just need Lady Luck on your side? I'll let you make the decision but it seems like The DQ has to study this rulebook properly before joining to jump into any game of luck.

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! Wishing you all the best of luck from The DQ in all aspects of life: love, work, family, health career....and to others, money!

-much Love.
This Game has been Spotted by The DQ!

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