Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If I only lack a heart..

I've started on a new journey, the reflection of a new me.
I've learn to laugh and learn that I can be happy.
My new activities, social circle, a new me who moved on.
Not a single thought of you, not a single concern, not a single worry or doubt.
No excitement that I've had with you but at the same time no tears.
I'm a much happier me.
You were out of the picture.

A blinking window of conversation from the unknown.
From an email address I've deleted but can still remember by heart.
A " :)"

Memories, both good and bad flooding back into my memory.

Why is it that every little thing you do move every thought and ignite every memory in me?

Waiting for the day. The day when your spontaneous "hellos" won't affect me so.