Sunday, February 22, 2009


I love my super skinny genes,
I feel so fabulous, tall and lean,
They go with everything I wear,
From Funky tees to crazy hair.

My skinny genes never let me down,
On days of laughter or of frowns,
The look I can wear from day to night,
Fantastic on me, they always look right.

But with skinny genes, people envy you,
They make other people sad and blue,
We still look smashing after snacking at one,
Compared to other people who have had none.

From instant noodles to curry rice,
Wake up the next morning still looking nice.
We're so lucky because special are we,
Because talk of fat or dieting, that's not for me.

Those skinny genes are the talk of the town,
Bigger hit than Gucci or the Vera Wang gown.
Only for special people, it's one of a kind,
And these skinny genes, they're uniquely mines.

How or where to get them, people are amazed,
They go on searching and (dieting) for days,
But these genes are made for the privileged ones,
Not only for me, but look around, they're tons.

You'll find them in your office or the department store,
All these awesome looking people you amazingly adore,
Lean, poised and graceful as figurines,
Possessing the figure you only did in your teens.

And then by golly you've figured it out,
"They've got the skinny genes!" you wanted to shout,
No matter what these people shove down their throat,
They always look so skinny, they never seem to bloat.

There's a group of fake skinnies, you see it in their face,
Their head to body ratio might have been misplaced.
Real skinnies don't have to watch what they eat.
They stuff themselves full at lunch; an hour later they can repeat!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ginger's Journey

Awesome animation movie courtesy of my sister.
Click here!

It's really funny, trust me!

much Love,
The DQ

Monday, February 16, 2009

All the Love on Valentine's!

Yep, you're right! The DQ has got it all! Imagine the perfect Valentine's day ever.
My man in a dashing suit taking you out to the most perfect candlelight dinner atop a five star hotel with the most breathtaking view ever. As dessert comes to an end sipping on our champagne, he kneels down and brings out a small velvet box. It could only be THAT.

THIS is the moment of my life. He opened his mouth to say something but somehow all the noises in the background was drowning him out and suddenly I was falling backwards into a black hole with no end. I keep falling and falling.

And I woke up like an idion flailing my farms in bed at 6pm this Valentine's day. Well, apparently that was where I spent the majority of my Valentine's Day so I do have to give credits to it. My comfortable bed covered with sweat when I was dying from a combination of food poisoning, gas, fever, headache and body ache. AND the constant runs between the bathroom to the bed to the kitchen and back to the bed. ( I should try out for the marathon!)

So my sweetie called to talk for a while because I just didn't have the energy to sit in front of the computer and that was lovely for about 30 mins and I started dozing off. I suddenly agreed with him that Valentine's Day is overrated. Well, he did first. His theory. Why do they have to make one official day just to proclaim you love somebody? Why can't you do that any other day? Or everyday even perhaps! Its just commercial because all of a sudden, they (the industry!!) decides to jack up the price of every product which leaves you the theory that goes along the lines of the degree of romanticism or how much money he lavished on you for the day/night is equivalent to his feelings for you? BOLLOCKS! What if he's just a poor lad with nothing to give to you but his heart and soul? Isn't that enough?

Well, I guess not in today's world. So anyways, I agreed with my man but I also did give him my point of view. What if other couple aren't like us; thus, they find it harder to express themselves on a daily basis. Long distance can seriously make you bolder and gives you the courage to open up, put trust in the relationship and express what you have to because that's how you keep your love alive and basically, it's hard to tell by their actions when you're not really there. For people who finds it hard to express their feelings, they are very thankful that there is a Valentine's day because they are then kind of forced to portray all these cheesy gestures (even if they secretly want to but don't have the balls for it/ Okay not everybody is as pro PDA as me.) Everybody's going to do something on this particular day anyways so I won't end up being the only cheesy Romeo. Another POV: For all those couples who are so busy with work that stopping to show some love becomes a tedious effort is just not a part of their routine, Valentine's day is a reminder for them to show their loves ones how appreciative they feel and just all those lovey dovey gushy feelings they have. So overrated, underrated, you rate it according to your own wants and needs.

I don't really need a Valentine's day because he gives me what I need already. Occasional suprises and presents when I least expected it and his LOVE every single day... (photos & details in another entry)

Because of this, to The DQ, everyday IS Valentine's Day!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, They Really Are.

Looking for the pefect present to get your girlfriend this Valentine's Day? Why not get her diamond ring? Every girl loves diamond but here's the twist.

Instead of giving her a "boring, traditional" diamond ring, why not give her one that she can also use as a self-defense weapon in times of trouble. This "Killer Engagement Ring" designed by Tobias Wong takes a play on the diamond ring and provided it with a cutting-edge concept (literally). That's right! The diamond is strategically placed with the point facing out on a sturdy platform transforming it into an auto-weapon. So on those dark nights, when your girlfriend has to travel home alone, she'll have protection because the diamond edge can cut into the bone and the bigger the stone is, the deeper it goes. So here's an idea for the perfect V-day gift to show that you constantly think about her safety. But beware boys, your gift might turn on you should she ever catch you spying on that girl sitting in the next table.

For the ladies, you might want to suggest the design of your ring when it comes into your engagement/marriage. He will definitely be surprised by your request and if he knows the "other" benefit of this sparkling jewel, he'll defnitely keep his belt on. Ask for one Karat or BIGGER because it wouldn't work with smaller stones.

-much Love & Sparkles from The DQ.

Photos and Reference from Gizmodo

I Want my Huge Lips, Skinny Hips...

Want to look gorgeous and at the same time, trim some of those fat around your waist and thighs? Well girls, here's the solution to our problem!

We introduce the Huge Lips, Skinny Hips Lip Plumper which will beautify and plump up those lips of yours (oh so Jolie) and help you curb your appetite at the same time. It's supposed to contain extracts of this suppressant that tricks your brain into thinking you already ate.

I don't know how effective it would be in helping to control your appetite. I believe the only way to stay healthy and in shape is to watch what you eat (healthy diet) and exercise. But I won't have to worry about that because I have a problem with gaining weight. Us girls could always do with another lipgloss with a cute and playful packaging. The appetite control would just be a plus. This lip plumper comes in six cute names and colors: Red Sole Worship, Kate Kitty, Poledancer, Lychee Martini, Love Your Thighs, No Panty Lines.

Read more about it here!

Spotted The DQ all Glossed up for V-Day!
-much Love.

Monday, February 9, 2009

pre-Valentine's Day jitters

i catch myself smiling like an idiot.
i think about how much i love you.
i think about your smile, the way you laugh when i try to tell a joke that's not very funny.
i think about the way you talk, your funny accent that nobody else possess, how it took me some time before i could train my ears but now you are all i hear.
i think about your laughter, the way they echo when i say those normal words you find to be so adorable and cute.
i think about your hair and how it'd be so messy with style.
i think about the way you'd pop your collar for photos and squint your eyes when you pose.
i think about your excitement when it comes to food and how every meal with you is an adventure.
i think about the way you dance and how entertaining it is to watch you.
i think about your scent and how i can recognize you a mile away.
i think about the way i hold out my hand and how you'd take it into yours.
i think about the way you look at me and sometimes feel like you could see into my soul.
i think about the way you hold me and how my body fits perfectly with yours.
i think about how much i miss you when you're not here.
i think about the first time i fell in love with you.
i think about how i fall in love all over again every time you're back.
i think about the next time you'll be back.
i think about how much you miss me when you're over there.
i think about how much you love me.
i catch myself smiling like an idiot.

Friday, February 6, 2009

For my ODP Donna.

When you're drowning in sorrow and eyes filled with tears,
When your heart realized that you've wasted your years,
He's been a bastard, you gave him your all,
They say love blinds the sight, you can't see his wall.
It's time for closure, time to make things end,
"What brought us to this? We can't even be friends."
Your time is up, he has nothing left for you,
All the damage he caused, pain he put you through.

You're like the sunshine, radiating your smile.
Full of hopes and dreams, your unique sense of style.
Then came his storm, tearing up your path,
Casting a shadow,igniting your wrath.
Destroyed all your rainbows, leaving a mess,
He's not worth a penny, not worth your stress,
He can't see your value, how lucky a man
He could be with you, not now that he can.

So my dear friend, my advice to you.
Make yourself happy with things you do.
Wipe your tears, enough is enough!
When the time is right, you can once again be tough!
Know the sadness and pain but don't let it run,
Move on to something new, you know that you're done.
You deserve to be happy, if only I could.
Beat the sh*t out of him, you know that I would.
Beautify yourself, relax and rewind.
Remember your life before him, once upon a time.

Biscuits,Fried Chicken, Pizza & Sweet Tea,
Walking down F.Street drunk, girl, just you and me.
The beautiful sky filled with stars that night,
Leaving Free Willy on the streets, oh what a sight!
Midnight shopping, dancing like mad,
ODP girls don't have time to be sad.
Annoying each other, two peas in a pod.
Debbie and Donna, two Chinky FOBs
From Chapel Hill, Boston, DC, NYC.
When I go DQ, you were always there for me.
I'll lend you my boney shoulder whenever you're sad,
Dig out a piece of old tissue, pls dont be mad.

Think of the good times, life before him.
Parties to parks, living life on a whim.
Turn round the clock, he has wasted your time.
Starting all over, it wouldn't be a crime.
Life wasn't so bad when it was us two.
You could conquer the world whatever youdo.
You make the world yours, do things your way.
Whatever his excuses, he doesn't get a say.
I love you my friend, I don't tell you much.
I haven't been too good with keeping in touch.
Just to let you know I'll always be here for you,
To lend you my shoulders, that I know is true.
The ODP Girls will always have a bond,
Through years of time,we will still remain strong.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jobs are like Men...

They're either never around when you want them OR when they're interested, they ALL are and appear at the same time.

That is my observation.
When you want a man (not that I need one because I have perfect boyfriend already), nobody's interested and you can never seem to find any around.Then all of a sudden, your life takes an unexpected turn and you won yourself the grand prize of specially bottled pheremone or something that you happen to spill on yourself. Men, out of nowhere,all decided to run to you seeking your love and attention. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Like they have a "competition radar" or something and know that you're "in demand" in the market and come flocking altogether. Then you have to choose in that short amount of time the best "fit" for you before your "demand" time ends and they all run back to their mothership. Why can't they come one at a time so you can test out the compatibility before deciding that it fits or that it doesn't and you need to move on to something that might fit better?

This seem like situation right now with my career life. I get stressed out when I'm forced to make a decision in a constricted time period hoping I won't have any regrets later. I guess like with you man, you have to do as much research as possible and pick one and if it's right, just jump into it and do your best. I hate the "in demand" season...

The DQ, Spotted with her head in the clouds...

-much Love.