Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You only feel old when you think you're old...

or when your body sends you a sign.

And so I thought I was god. Or rather I thought I was somewhat in an immortal state these past few weekends full of late night adventures pouring into my system the dangerous dark brown liquids and dancing the night away like I'll never dance again.

I've been constantly ignoring the signs sent out from my body, the weariness at work and constant lack of focus in what I do. My braincells or rather the lack of.

This Tuesday, my body just shut down. I woke up with a fire blazing in my throat and the continuous throbbing in my bed. I couldn't get up so I had to take leave. Downed myself with all medicine I could find (for sorethroat, fever, headache- u name it, i took it) and fell onto my deathbed like Sleeping Beauty, only waking up twice for lunch and dinner and to gobble up some more medicine.

The wonders of modern science!!! (or was it the Chinese tablets that worked?- I'll never know) The sore throat was gone the next day and I could head back to work. Only think left was the drowsiness from over medicating myself. (If I wasn't so stupid, I'd be a doctor this life - seriously...)

So anyways, I don't know if presently my body is still drowsy from all these med intake or is it just tired from over partying on the weekends. I guess I'll have to find out tomorrow night! Toodle-loo...

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