Tuesday, June 21, 2011

searching for a new alias

i've stopped writing (or rambling or babbling or whatever i'm doing on this blog).

i don't expect anybody to read it. actually i don't think i want anybody to read it.

i've missed writing. although i only ramble or complain or do what i do on this, it helps me get a lot out of my chest ninety percent of the time.

i think a lot. i analyze a lot so at times, it really helps that i can just go on writing on this. i guess it's like a security blanket for me.

i used to feel that i need to write about something "interesting" or "exciting" and to help provide those content, i need to excite myself with a little drama. wrong move. i'm jumped from xanga (started blogging since 2003) to blogspot so i can show a more "grown up version" of myself. needless to say, the "serious" blogging came to a halt and the ramblings came up again. i guess it's just who i am. i have to think hard to write about "event" and "things" but it comes naturally for me to write how i "feel" and what i "think" about certain things.

so many i should just rename my blog from "spotted by the DQ" to "ramblings of the DQ" instead. on the other hand, maybe i should just create a new alias now...since "the DQ" is no where near any drama. she has retired from that era some time ago...

so should it be "ramblings of her" ? need to think about this new name....

everybody who have come across my username "theDQ" on BB etc have been questioning me what it stood for and when they found out questioned why since i'm so drama-free. guess the DQ grew up a bit.

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