Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tormented Moment of Silence

You told me you still care.
I told you I don't feel it.

You told me you still love me.
I told you I don't feel it.

You told me everything's still the same.
I told you it feels different.

When I drift away when we fight, you don't react.
You don't tell me how you feel.
You don't even show me our emotions.
You don't have any reaction at all.
Do you still care?
Or am I turning into something that is just here?

I start drifting away.
You don't do anything.
Where is the love you say you have for me?
Where is the care you say you still feel?
You don't do anything

I drift away.
And I still don't feel anything from you.

Do you love me enough to come after me?
Or will you just let me drift away silently.....

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