Sunday, June 13, 2010

Juggling between career and family

I've faced many incidents when I had to try to justify my decision and explain why I've decide to focus on being a career-oriented woman.

Due to technology, background and many other factors, the roles of women and men have shifted and merged in the modern society, creating a jumble of confusion and complexities when it comes to dating and seeking for partnership today.

Men have become weaker, more self absorbed, emotional and sensitive and less of a gentleman. The need to protect the weaker sex have vanished.

Women, on the other hand, have risen in terms of career, holding high flying jobs, have become more independent, self-serving and stronger.

When the weak have lessen, the need for the protector also disappears.

Women used to be the caretaker of the family while men provide. These days, women are strong enough to take care of herself in addition to her own family.

Men are not given the chance to be gentlemen for women do not act like ladies.

While given the option to focus on family or their career, most women in the modern society would choose the latter for many reasons. To possess the ability to stand on their own feet? To prove that they can also make it in this world? To provide a back up plan for maybe one day maybe she won't meet the right partner to start a family? Or just a back up plan in case that partnership does not survive?

I've always been focused on making it on my own and depending on myself due to my family background and the environment I grew up in. But if I could choose, I would gladly sacrifice my career and the want to have to rise and succeed in work to have a happy family and stay at home just to raise my kids.

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