Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Asians are Smarter in Math..

You know the saying. We've all heard it before. Yet somehow, we easily accept it enough to "factize" it( thoughwe don't know for certain ).

It goes along the lines of: "Asians are naturally smarter in math..."

But WHY? Is it because of our superior math-comprehension enhanced genes? Does it have anything to do with Asian food supposedly deemed "healthier" ? If Math Geniuses are accosted to Asian heredity and healthy nutrition consumption and for the fact that I am an Asian and my family are pro-healthy home cooked meals, then why does it seem like I always stumble when it comes to all things math-related ? Be it my pre-calc class in high school, calculculas/finance/economics/accounting classes in university or something as easy as splitting the bill mentally or controlling my shopping expenses! (Well, the latter might be due to my consumption behavior but still.... )

The answer to this is that it's not about our genes (though partially it helps if you don't have any mental illnesses) or the food we eat but more about the fundamental principals of having the right kind of support, opportunity, environment and timing. You can learn all about it in this awesome book in circulation: "Outliers" by Malcom Gladwell, the famous author of other as-fascinating books I have at home such as "The Tipping Point" and "Blink". Special thanks to C.N. for introducing me to "The Tipping Point" that fed my curiosity to continue reading the other books.

Unlike "The Tipping Point" which focused on explaining the epidemic cycle (such as fashion, lifestyle fads, epidemic diseases) and "Blink" on the subconscious human mind and facial and body language, "Outliers" gives us a fascinating outlook on why some people get more ahead in life than others and reasoning on the underlying circumstances on certain stereotypes, such as why Asians are smarter in math. All three books give us very exciting and insightful case studies that captures and entrap us into the curious world of Malcolm Gladwell.

For now, The DQ is signing off because she has spotted the best excuse for that D+ in Calculas and it has nothing to do with her being dumber than the other Asians in class.

-much Love.

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