Thursday, January 29, 2009

You are what you eat...Literally!

This blog entry is "N-Rated" (nasty).
May contain very strong smell or offensive content, strong explicit description, very strong gore or disturbing images, or graphical fruit abuse.

So I ran to the bathroom this morning to do a #2. While I was in my comfort zone and finally had some peace to my digestive system, I was suddenly wondering if my aunt got a new brand of air refreshener. Imagine if you were used to the surroundings of your own little corner and you take one whiff and knew something was wrong. My mind was racing all over the pace, my adrenalin russhing, my heart pounding.... "Did my aunt get an orange scented can of air refreshener?...Do they even have that in the market?" I took another whiff...definitely orange. My mind took a step back. Knowing my aunt, she was not the type to spontaneously experiment on a new brand of toiletries...or any product. Something was definitely wrong!!

Suddenly, it all dawned on me...the portion of oranges I had last night before going to bed...

This was not the making of my aunt's new air refreshener. It was my #2 releasing this orange fragrance. Thus you just found the rationale for why you nearly died in the potty after your large curry feast. If you want to drive away your enemy, eat some garlic/curry/heavy scented food and run to use the bathroom before them.

If you're feeling spotty and want to save up on air refreshener, just have some orange!

-much Love.

Images from Deviant Art user: oranjisama

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