Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jobs are like Men...

They're either never around when you want them OR when they're interested, they ALL are and appear at the same time.

That is my observation.
When you want a man (not that I need one because I have perfect boyfriend already), nobody's interested and you can never seem to find any around.Then all of a sudden, your life takes an unexpected turn and you won yourself the grand prize of specially bottled pheremone or something that you happen to spill on yourself. Men, out of nowhere,all decided to run to you seeking your love and attention. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Like they have a "competition radar" or something and know that you're "in demand" in the market and come flocking altogether. Then you have to choose in that short amount of time the best "fit" for you before your "demand" time ends and they all run back to their mothership. Why can't they come one at a time so you can test out the compatibility before deciding that it fits or that it doesn't and you need to move on to something that might fit better?

This seem like situation right now with my career life. I get stressed out when I'm forced to make a decision in a constricted time period hoping I won't have any regrets later. I guess like with you man, you have to do as much research as possible and pick one and if it's right, just jump into it and do your best. I hate the "in demand" season...

The DQ, Spotted with her head in the clouds...

-much Love.

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