Friday, February 6, 2009

For my ODP Donna.

When you're drowning in sorrow and eyes filled with tears,
When your heart realized that you've wasted your years,
He's been a bastard, you gave him your all,
They say love blinds the sight, you can't see his wall.
It's time for closure, time to make things end,
"What brought us to this? We can't even be friends."
Your time is up, he has nothing left for you,
All the damage he caused, pain he put you through.

You're like the sunshine, radiating your smile.
Full of hopes and dreams, your unique sense of style.
Then came his storm, tearing up your path,
Casting a shadow,igniting your wrath.
Destroyed all your rainbows, leaving a mess,
He's not worth a penny, not worth your stress,
He can't see your value, how lucky a man
He could be with you, not now that he can.

So my dear friend, my advice to you.
Make yourself happy with things you do.
Wipe your tears, enough is enough!
When the time is right, you can once again be tough!
Know the sadness and pain but don't let it run,
Move on to something new, you know that you're done.
You deserve to be happy, if only I could.
Beat the sh*t out of him, you know that I would.
Beautify yourself, relax and rewind.
Remember your life before him, once upon a time.

Biscuits,Fried Chicken, Pizza & Sweet Tea,
Walking down F.Street drunk, girl, just you and me.
The beautiful sky filled with stars that night,
Leaving Free Willy on the streets, oh what a sight!
Midnight shopping, dancing like mad,
ODP girls don't have time to be sad.
Annoying each other, two peas in a pod.
Debbie and Donna, two Chinky FOBs
From Chapel Hill, Boston, DC, NYC.
When I go DQ, you were always there for me.
I'll lend you my boney shoulder whenever you're sad,
Dig out a piece of old tissue, pls dont be mad.

Think of the good times, life before him.
Parties to parks, living life on a whim.
Turn round the clock, he has wasted your time.
Starting all over, it wouldn't be a crime.
Life wasn't so bad when it was us two.
You could conquer the world whatever youdo.
You make the world yours, do things your way.
Whatever his excuses, he doesn't get a say.
I love you my friend, I don't tell you much.
I haven't been too good with keeping in touch.
Just to let you know I'll always be here for you,
To lend you my shoulders, that I know is true.
The ODP Girls will always have a bond,
Through years of time,we will still remain strong.

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  1. omg pep, i am crying. i really am. thank u.