Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, They Really Are.

Looking for the pefect present to get your girlfriend this Valentine's Day? Why not get her diamond ring? Every girl loves diamond but here's the twist.

Instead of giving her a "boring, traditional" diamond ring, why not give her one that she can also use as a self-defense weapon in times of trouble. This "Killer Engagement Ring" designed by Tobias Wong takes a play on the diamond ring and provided it with a cutting-edge concept (literally). That's right! The diamond is strategically placed with the point facing out on a sturdy platform transforming it into an auto-weapon. So on those dark nights, when your girlfriend has to travel home alone, she'll have protection because the diamond edge can cut into the bone and the bigger the stone is, the deeper it goes. So here's an idea for the perfect V-day gift to show that you constantly think about her safety. But beware boys, your gift might turn on you should she ever catch you spying on that girl sitting in the next table.

For the ladies, you might want to suggest the design of your ring when it comes into your engagement/marriage. He will definitely be surprised by your request and if he knows the "other" benefit of this sparkling jewel, he'll defnitely keep his belt on. Ask for one Karat or BIGGER because it wouldn't work with smaller stones.

-much Love & Sparkles from The DQ.

Photos and Reference from Gizmodo

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  1. OMGG that is the most fantastical ring ever! But, does it shine right? Seriously.. do they sell this? It's gotta be a hugeass rock if it's meant to kill.. Oh I loveeee it.
    Anyways, me have no curves anymore. Ok I never had boobs, and I've been losing weight, and the fats go from my boobs first. I'm like a UK size 6 now, and even for my bottom. It's freaky.