Monday, June 29, 2009

Heat and Gowns, Gardens and Stilettos...

I came across photos of some wedding a the countryside, with garden of grass and little bits of flowers here and there... and the sad thing about it was this...

Everybody was still dressed to the nines in the heat.. with stilettos (see them get stuck in the dirt), tiny tube dresses and full tuxedos. Even the bride was in full bridal attire... but okay it's the bride.

It just pains me to see that despite the relax environment, the wedding didnt seem relax at all (well, in my opinion).

If I had a garden wedding, I'd want everybody to come in sundresses, a nice shirt/ slacks, something well-groomed but not so contricting in this heat. Wedges would be nice (note: never wear stilettos for a garden, wedges will do)

If I was the bride, I would look for a nice ivory poofy sundress (those of the lolita sort) and pair of white ribbon wedges, put my hair up in a nice wavey ponytail (if it's long) or short waves (if it's short), pair of pearl earrings. ..

Well, that'd be my idea of a garden wedding... Let's not forget the other 5 types I'd like..

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