Monday, June 15, 2009

Let the Music Heal Your Soul...

I've gone completely ballistic this time, skipping around in my own kingdom of clouds and floating along the yellow brick road of insanity. Which is a good thing. I think.

Better than drowning in my pothole of depression and wallowing in sad music.

Not that I stopped listening to sad songs but I think my focus this time is on the tunes rather than the lyrics itself.

This is random but when I wrote down the title, it reminded me of the song and somehow in the blink of an eye, remembered the unforgotten Gil. Gil was soooooo cute then. (if you all remember who Gil was, my sister was a big fan and was totally in lurve with him back in the days. I think I had a major crush on Aaron Carter and he was like 20 years younger than me or something. Talk about being paedophilic. But I swooned over his cuteness over "I've got a crush on you..." even when he couldn't really sing)

So Music & Me is good this time. I've been feeling giddy, bubbly, and totally floating on air this coming week. You know the feeling when you know something exciting is about to happen? Or when you have that little knot in your stomach (good knot) when you have a major crush on someone? Except this time I think I might be crushing on myself. Major weird.

I've been thinking of reconstructing an exercise regime for me which I must (must, must,must) try to follow (or start in the first place).

Maybe it's the P.B. I've had last night or the Chianti I've been stocking up on but I soooo lurve this state I'm in right now because I'm just so excited and optimistic about life lately when I don't think much is happening. And most of all, the reason for this does not include any Y chromosome...

Music does do wonders for the soul..... I think I should try joining BCT [Bangkok Community Theatre] (one of the things I've always wanted to do but never dared) and let all all this energy find an outlet of its own... or maybe I could just continue bellowing in the evenings in front of my laptop forcing my only audience (my sister who sits around the corner and has no way to avoid hearing me) the privilege to enjoy my solo performances night after night......

Signing out,
The DQ [in the clouds]


  1. ahhh! me too. i think we're soulmates, that's why i'm the wifey and u the hubbie!

    i've stopped listening to ONLY sad songs. and even if i do, i don't feel sad anymore. instead, i smile when i listen to the sad songs. is that weird?

    i was feeling kinda blah yesterday and i just allowed myself to feel all blah for an entire day (it screwed up my yoga class though, i think i strained a muscle) but i'm feeling aye-ok today.

    you shd really stick to ur exercise regime. it's gonna be tough at first, but just stick it out and u'll realize that u're on a roll. i go for yoga/pilates/balance classes on 1-3-5 and i run on 2-4-7. makes me feel skinnier heeheehee. - boonie

  2. GIL!!! WHo wouldn't have swooned. He was so cute...Aaron Carter back really are a pedophile sis...