Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hypocritical Society

Yesterday I came across this TV talk show having a discussion and call-in session about whether it is wrong for women to "jeeb" men first. Translation: Is it wrong for women to hit on men first?

The answers that came from the callers were absolutely disgusting.
It was a case of 5 Yes against 2 Nos.

Reasons that came up in all the 5 cases were that it was against the culture and tradition of Thailand and women should act lady like and not forget their Asian roots.

Oh Em Gee.... What are these people talking about?

In a society full of "gigs" and "gucks", people actually think or feel it's wrong or distasteful for women to hit on men first.

Gigs: More than friends, Less than a bf/gf.
Gucks: Friends you f*ck. (friends with benefits)

Hello? Are we still living the the 15th century?

The discussion should be more around the idea of whether it's wrong or not to be Gigs with somebody who is attached as it's so common and seen everywhere in Thai society. That is rather disturbing in a "traditional" culture where it's distasteful to make the first move on your man but it's not wrong to date/hang out/get close to somebody who is attached.

Some major re-education needs to be done.... I'm dazed.

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